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Service Models

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CEDA will be offering its services in different modes as described below. The departments can avail the service as per their specific requirements.

1. Analytics Solution

Based on the requirements given by the department, an Analytics Solution will be built. The cost for the solution will vary depending on the requirement scope defined by the department. The solution itself may be built based on purely open source tools and technologies or by using certain proprietary tools specified by the department. If the solution is completely open source, then there will be no associated cost for the tools. If, however, the department chooses to use a proprietary tool, then the license cost of the same will be built into the cost of the Analytics Solution.

2. Deployment

Once the solution is built, it may need to be deployed on a server/cloud so that end users can access and use them. Two options will be available with the department:

  • Host it in department’s own State Data Centre (SDC) – In this case, the Centre will not bill any cost to the department for the associated
  • Host it in NICSI cloud – In this case, the centre will charge for the cloud infrastructure as per policy defined by NICSI from time to time.

Whether the solution is deployed in Department/State premises or NICSI premises, the credentials to the data stores used by the Analytics Solution will be with the Department.

3. Support

Once the Analytics Solution is deployed, CEDA will provide two forms of support:

Standard Support – Under Standard Support, the centre will provide the following:

  • Manage the availability of them solution 24 X7
  • Provide one-time training to the concerned end-users.
  • Provide support professional for a period of six months who will help the department officials in using the solution, monitor the availability of the solution and also act as an interface with the main technical team in CEDA to communicate any issues in the solution.

4. Premium Support - Under Premium Support, the centre will charge an annual subscription from the department and the department will be provided support for any additions/modifications to the Analytics Solution as per mutually agreed timelines.